*Optimal Blade Tension:*
– Hold the scissors level by gripping the lower loop hole.
– Elevate the upper loop hole to spread the blades.
– Release the upper loop hole to allow the upper blade to naturally close.
– If the blades close too easily, tighten the main screw gradually until the blades close slowly but not entirely.

*Best Practices:*
– Carefully remove excess hair and moisture after each use.
– Thoroughly clean and lubricate the scissors monthly using a Japanese oil pen for smooth, frictionless movement. Finish by wiping with the leather strip provided in your Silver Fox case.
– Have your shears inspected and sharpened every 400 to 600 cuts by an authorized Silver Fox specialist to maintain peak performance.
– Shampoo your client’s hair before every haircut to prevent premature blunting or dulling of the scissors.
– Store your scissors in an enclosed case, especially in coastal areas, to prevent corrosion of micro-bearings.
– Develop a routine for regular maintenance to ensure cleanliness, dryness, and proper oiling of your scissors.

– Submerging scissors in water or QUATS solution; opt for spray disinfectant instead.
– Throwing scissors against hard surfaces.
– Storing scissors in contact with metal or other scissors, as this negatively affects performance by disrupting steel vibrations.
– Allowing hair or water to accumulate between the blades for extended periods.
– Allowing dirt buildup to accumulate between the blades.
– Cutting materials other than hair with your Silver Fox Scissors.https://farmacijahrvatska24.com/genericka-viagra-kupiti/