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Maximus – 6.0


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Size 6.0″ = 15.24 cm
Weight 60g = 2.1 oz
Edge Degree – 38 – 40 degree
Blade Type – Convex Arrow blade
Color –Sweden Damascus


The Maximus features a unique Convex Arrow blade, wider pivot point and exaggerated radius, (allowing for optimized channel cutting). Off-set ergonomic handle design, ultra-comfortable finger rest, and advanced CNC ball bearing screw tension system. CNC ball bearing screw tension system produce much tighter tolerances and act to further stabilize the blades which minimize friction creating the hot-knife cutting butter feel. This model provides smooth performance and excels with precision point and blunt cutting.

About Maximus exclusive steel:
Forged from Sweden nano-technology Damascus powder steel. Not to be confused with ordinary Damascus steel. An amalgamation of 160 powder steel mixed together to perfection to create what is currently the best and hardest and most durable steel available in the world for shears manufacturing. Needless to say, this amazingprecious metal is created, manufactured and imported from theScandinavian nation ofSweden.

About powder steel:
Powder steel is a kind of steel formed by mixing very finely nano-technology ground powders of various metals requirements. It is a near perfect mixture of all different elements to ensure the highest quality. It is incredibly hard which allow for amazing sharp edges and edge retention.The Maximus lives up to its reputation delivering the ultimate cutting experience!

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