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SF33T 6.0 New Hitachi Texturizer


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Size 6.0" = 15.1 cm
Weight 56g = 1.9 oz
Edge Degree – 38 – 40 degree
Off-set grip – 20 degree
Blade Type – Curved Teeth Convex Blade
Color – Excellent Mirror Polish


Forged from the finest Japanese steel. SF33T features curved teeth convex blade, CNC ball
bearing screw tension system that produce much tighter tolerances and act to further stabilize the
blades minimizing friction and creating the hot-knife cutting butter feel. Moreover, the slightly
off-set ergonomic handle design optimizes comfort. This model provides smooth
performance and excels texturing! Silver Fox advanced technology and engineering ensures
frictionless blade motion and perfect balance. Recommended for fine to medium texturing!

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